InList App; The Success Of Miami Beach

With regards to a blogpost at the Miami Shoot:

A social activist, Bello developed her very own girls’s wellness system, We Advance, in Port-au-Prince, in which she also supports a pediatric hospital, St. Damian and a new school project for earthquake victims.

Soon after she discovered Jacmel she purchased land with two Haitian partners and is developing a beachfront eco-lodge on Cabique seaside, a sandy, palm-lined half moon bay a couple of miles east of Jacmel. Just like Bello, Capponi’s friend, Michael also has his side of being a developer.

It is quite commendable to come up with a mobile app that has exclusive access to the hottest venues, restaurants and parties where the users can simply book tables , make special reservations and gain access to special events right by the click of a button; especially when you have been a gatekeeper to the hottest clubs for 20 years.

This is quite a reform sweeping over Miami. In fact, having hundreds of venues in around 45 countries I such an achievement for just a start. Mentioning up to 100,000 is a whole new level of an awesome start.

Caponni (Michael Capponi Local 10) does not stop there. He did try his hand in construction and all did blossom. Restoring homes that range from $4m to $50m is not a walk in the park.

What is even more encouraging is the fact that he takes charity with a soft heart. If frequenting Haiti 70 times in six years is not genius, then we don’t know what genius is.