Michael Capponi and Gideon Kimbrell’s Luxurious New Mobile App

Capponi supports the multi-billion dollar efforts of foreign governments and aid companies to reconstruct Haiti, it grew to become obvious to me that you can’t hold providing folks things for free, Capponi says. We need to have to make a gradual shift from charity to empowerment. We need to have to empower the folks of Haiti and encourage them to use their skills.

The idea for the new mobile app InList came about in 2014 when Gideon Kimbrell and Michael Capponi combined brainpower. Kimbrell is a noted software maven and Michael Capponi is a nightlife and real estate pioneer with decades of experience and hard work behind him. More about Michael Capponi – Miami – nightlife & clubs – InList can be read here.

InList is a creative mobile app that was established as a means of helping globetrotting travelers find out about some of the most exclusive and coveted events around the world. Once a traveler arrives at his or her desired destination, InList will present a list of between two and three choices in top events. These events generally are those that are attended by well-known public figures and regional socialites. Travelers who would like to check out events that are popular with VIP circles all over the country and world may appreciate the handy offerings provided by this mobile app. This mobile app is ideal for luxury travelers.

Content source: http://www.elitetraveler.com/leaders-in-luxury/michael-capponi-and-gideon-kimbrell-co-founders-of-inlist